Honey has arrived at our Ranch.

Honey has arrived at our house and Poptart is weaned and left behind with some of her horse buddies. She is very calm for a 6 month old.  Honey needs to get in shape. We found out from the doctor that she has had 9-13 baby foals.  She has been a horse puppy mill for 18 years of her life.  She has formed a close friendship with Princess.  Princess is 15 and Honey is 18 so they are close in age.  It has been raining so the weather is horrible but next week it clears up and I will give a bath to Honey, Princess and Buddy.  We have an acre of land that she can run on to get some exercise.  She is very easy to ride and my trainer, Calli is going to get her in shape and teach her some manners.  She is pushy and used to having a baby by her side.