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Commitment To Quality

Quality of Animals, Quality of Processing, Commitment To The Land

Riverbend Meats offers unmatched quality for several reasons. One is that we have the nation's only fully integrated beef operation of any size.  We control the entire process from start to finish, including breeding, the development of the animal every day of it's life, raising the feed that is fed to the animal, the actual harvesting of the animal, and the processing of the beef.  This allows us to offer a product that is far superior to any of our competitors.

Raised With Their Mothers, No Growth Hormones

The health and quality of life of our cattle have significant impact on the quality of our product.  Humane treatment of our cattle is an important part of providing your family with healthy, sustainable beef.

Price Comparison

Costco 10lbs - $549
Riverbend 10lbs - $146
Riverbend 10lbs - $146
Snake Rivers Ribeye Bundle with Antibiotics - $525
Riverbend without Antibiotics - $146
Riverbend without Antibiotics - $146

Riverbend Ranch Beef is aged 21 days and without any antibiotics or growth hormones!