Cindy & Rocky

Earth and Family Wellness is a locally owned business that has been educating others in health and wellness and animal rights companies for 30 years. We also care deeply for animals, having rescued three dogs, nine cats, four goats and four chickens and 4 Texas kill pen horses. We make people aware of the abuse that animals endure, and we push the advocacy of going vegan for a healthier life. Our goal is to educate people to treat animals with respect and love.

Cindy & Rocky, moved up from Tucson, Arizona, eleven years ago to help Brent Glover, the Owner of Orphan Acres Horse Rescue. She had visited three times the summer of 2010 and liked what she saw. Brent has helped save many horses that would have been put down and sent to slaughter. He has horses that have been well cared for 43 years. Cindy has saved two horses from a Texas Kill pen and they are now at her home in Lenore, Idaho

We are active in supporting, which has the oldest and largest elephant sanctuary in the US. This organization provides peace and retirement for elephants, tigers, and other performing animals from the circuses. We also donate to Both are accredited sanctuaries in the US. Cindy volunteers every week at Orphan Acres Horse Rescue in Viola, Idaho.

You can also extend your help to the abused, neglected animals by shopping at this wholesale online shopping system. Call me or text at (208) 400-0013 for a FREE consultation or click on

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