Bruce & Josh the Goats

Our silly goats keep our rattlesnakes away.

This is lazy Leo. He gets into everything and is so smart.

We got 3 goats in June of 2016. Goats are quite delightful. They are very smart and can get into everything. I read the book Goats for Dummies and got a lot of good ideas. Leo, with the curly horns is our Tom Sawyer. We heard a thumping sound the other day and he was lifting the top of our freezer getting in there and eating the bread. We also have hooks on everything because he can open up latches. Bruce, with the white band died 3 months ago because Leo had opened up the door to our food storage and he gorged on corn and barley which causes bloat and he died that night. We rescued Bruce and Josh from a goat farm in Phillipsburg, Montana. They fatten them up and sell them for slaughter. We are vegetarian and do not eat meat so I was glad I could save them. Below is a picture of Leo and Bun Bun. They were both only 3 months old when we got them. Bun Bun plays with Dixie our dog. She butts into Dixie while Dixie tries to bite her legs. Lots of times, Bun Bun initiates the play.

This is Bun Bun. She and Dixie like to play with each other.

Here is Josh and Bruce.

Bruce passed away this last June from Bloat. His brother Josh, does miss him. They are both 3 years old.