Buddy the Horse

Buddy is a handsome old man. He was supposed to be 15 when I saw him on a video at a Texas Kill pen and when we got him up here and had his teeth floated, we found out he was 28. He is very well trained. A perfect horse for me because he is my first horse. Our farrier seems to think he is a retired cutting horse. Even though he has arthritis in his right front knee, he is very nimble and quick to respond. I start riding him this Tuesday, March 9th and I am very excited. My trainer, Myranda is doing a great job. She brushes him everyday, she picks out his hooves. I am feeding him grain with glucosamine and other supplements to help his inflammation. I am taking the best care possible for him since he has served some family as a faithful ranch horse. I am hoping he will last 4 or 5 more years. If I cannot ride him in the future, he will be a companion horse for Princess who is only 6. My sweetheart!!