Cindy – The Cocker Spaniel

When we lived in Colfax, Washington when we rented a mobile home on 25 acres. The owners had an outside dog, Cindy, who was a cocker spaniel running loose. We renamed her Stinky because she had a mouth full of rotten teeth. She was very sad and depressed and we felt so bad when it was raining or snowing out and she was an OUTSIDE dog. There were coyotes there and she could of gotten eaten. We asked the owner if we could have her and he said yes. She got along with all of our dogs and cats. We had just moved up from Tucson in October of 2010. We brought her to the vet. She had 7 teeth pulled, we got her bathed and her shots and she lived with us for another 4 years. She lasted for another 5 years. We lost her in June of 2015.