Dixie and Panda

It’s all about chances!

Panda (the dog with black around her eyes) was rescued this last August from a dog shelter in San Bernardino. She was only 7 months old. They wanted to put her down because she killed the neighbors chicken. She is a Great Pyranese/Anatolian mix. She turns 1 in February. She has been a real challenge. She chews, jumps, barks and we have had to put a shock collar on her behind an invisible fence to keep her from running down the hill to eat our neighbors pet chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese. Dixie (the gold Anatolian) was saved last February of 2020 when I saw her on Craigslist. She had bite marks on her muzzle from the male Anatolian who was very aggressive and would not let her eat. She turned 3 this February of 2021. She and Panda run and play together and have a great time. They run and play together. Sugar is too small and is kind of like their chew toy so these two big dogs are a good fit. Both are good with horses, cats, goats but NOT chickens for Panda.