Everybody gets Love!!

Molly is the dog sitting to my right in the picture where they are all surrounding me. She was a Chow/Akita mix. When the lady came to get Montana so they could cremate her, I heard about Molly having one day to live. The people who were trying to find a home for her, had a baby and she did not like kids. They were going to put her down. She and Ginger would fight because they both had Chow in them. As they got older, they got along a little better. We thought it was Ginger and it was Molly all along. She was put down in September of 2013 with brain tumors. She had a good life and we are glad we gave her 5 more years. She is by my right knee asking for love. All of our Tucson dogs, except Spot were in this picture. We save Corona, who is sitting by my left foot. Corona was 8 and had been at the Tucson Humane Society for 3 months. She was running out of time. My husband wanted to save a German Shepard. Corona was part Lab and German Shepard. So gentle and friendly. We did not have room to take her with since we had 5 cats and 4 dogs. I found a home for her with a lady that had just lost HER Lab and German Shepard and she was very loved. Here I am surrounded by my rescue dogs in Tucson.